One of the Most Successful Track Record
in Arizona for 23+ Years

Quantum Investigations is the #1 private investigator in Mesa based on reviews…based on affordability…and based on results.

We have one office located in Mesa AZ. Mesa is east outside of Phoenix, roughly 20 short miles away. We know these streets best because we live here and our agency has been a silent staple in the neighborhood (and believe me…we prefer to remain silent because of our line of work) for 20+ years.

We’ve spent a lifetime in Arizona, yet being professional trained by the military has given us the ability to land on any soil in any city and accomplish the mission we set out to accomplish. All we need to know is…what’s our mission?

Discrete Mesa Private Investigator

We are a team of discrete Mesa private investigators who specialize in a variety of general services…such as:

  • Finding hard to find missing persons
  • Helping to perform due diligence investigation to verify the facts
  • Assist in criminal defense cases as an additional investigative authority
  • Surveillance services…both stationary and mobile
  • And more…

Although we advertise those services specifically…truth be told…we are here to assist with matters most dare not engage in. We’re familiar with the law and the rules and we take advantage of every opportunity to complete the job that you need us to do.

We take on special requests outside of our advertised services that might be a bit out of the ordinary. We often accept cases that our competitors see as a lost cause. We’re often the last resort for most businesses, lawyers, and clients because if we cannot do it…then nobody can.

How We Are Different From Other Private Investigators in Mesa AZ

If you’ve found us online by searching for “private investigator Mesa AZ“, then know that we are unlike others in the industry. If the assignment looks near hopeless, then we will not jump at the chance to take advantage of you. We’ll give you our honest and genuine opinion upfront. We believe in being totally upfront and transparent. We were raised in an era where businesses actually took care of their clients. We’ll do everything in our power to take care of you like how we would personally like to be treated.

As former Police Officers, we can give you our best advice regarding your case from a Police Detective perspective. We are qualified in that area while most are not. Also, we have one of the best track records in the Mesa metropolitan area, and that is why so many of our long time clients continue to use us over and over again. Some have been with us for as long as we’ve been in business.

We are simply here to help you. Our team at Quantum has a very unique skillset that can help many families–like yours. All it takes is a simple phone call. Pick up the phone and give us a call–Today!

Should I Hire A Private Investigator in Mesa Arizona?

Many potential clients ask themselves “should I hire a private investigator in Mesa Arizona”?

There are so many senerios that can come up to where you feel that you need to have your own personal detective working with you and directly for you. Some of these reasons can include missing persons, surveillence, background checks, cheating spouse investigations, and more.

If you want peace of mind, and if you believe we can help, then simply give us a call. We offer Free Consultations. We will let you know if and how we can help.

Since there’s no cost to inquire, you may not want to hesitate. Some cases are time sensitive, and the quick me move, the more likely you we will be successful in finding the information that you need. Also, the sooner you reach out…the sooner you can return back to as much of a normal life as possible. Call us–Today!

Helping Families To Return To Life As Normal For Over 20 Years!


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