No only can you utilize our skills as a private investigator for missing persons, be we can also assist you with related services.


No only can you utilize our skills as a private investigator for missing persons, be we can also assist you with related services.

Quantum Investigations is the absolute best missing persons private investigator in the state of Arizona for locating anyone who has disappeared, fallen off the map, and actively hiding on purpose. We have an amazing track record for finding individuals who others have difficulty locating. Often, this includes criminal and fugitive recovery. It also includes bail jumpers. These are typically dangerous individuals who are capable of serious harm and potentially death. We’re willing to put our lives on the line to seek after anyone you bring our way. No matter the person, no matter the circumstances, we will locate the person or asset you need to find. We have a network of resources throughout Arizona that we can deploy at a moment’s notice. We’re here to help, and we’re ready to report to duty.

Over 23 years of Missing Person Private Investigator Experience!

AZ’s Missing Persons Private Investigator

Jeff, and his team of missing persons private investigators at Quantum Investigations, are masters at locating those who have gone unseen and underground. It’s not easy, and at times it may take a little while, but we relish the chase and we almost always come out successfully. You can only do so much behind a computer screen to find someone, and this business requires active boots on the ground.

Long lost friend/family member.  Are you attempting to find a close friend or a family member that you’ve lost track of over the years? Sometimes the person you’re looking for is most likely not hiding.

Often times they just aren’t interested in social media, or in other cases they may have changed their number without notifying others.

We usually find these individuals quickly because they simply have no reason to hide.  If they’re living “off the grid”, or if they have fallen off the grid, then give us a call. We’ll get you reunited as quickly as we possibly can.

Skips.  These are people that are hiding for a reason.  Often times, the reason that they are in hiding is because they have an asset that they financed and they do not plan to keep making payments on it. Quantum Investigations excels in this category.

Fugitive Retrieval. Are you looking for someone on the run from the law, or who didn’t follow through with their bail and they have a warrant out for their arrest? Did someone committed a crime and now they are evading law enforcement?

  These individuals don’t want to be found. We specialize in finding the most dangerous and most difficult. We can track and locate people all over the country.

Abductions.  Most abductions are parental abductions by one parent or guardian.  The child may have been taken by a vengeful ex who then flees without a trace.  It makes me sick that adults use innocent children for their own selfish cause, but it happens all the time.  Law enforcement, unfortunately, does not get involved in these types of cases until it’s too late. We enjoy finding these people and reuniting parents with their children, but time is of the essence. We need to act fast to ensure success, so give us a call as quickly as possible.

Finding Missing Persons Throughout AZ

Tracking someone (or something) down involves extensive investigative upfront work.  We routinely perform surveillance, background checks, etc. in order to find someone who is in constant contact with your missing person. This work leads us to a person, who leads us to the next, and this trail usually ends with us finding our person.

Whatever the reason may be, your missing person can almost always be found.  Many times it’s not easy or quick, but we’ve become masters at this after doing it for decades.  If you need to locate someone, then please call us at (480) 269-7099.

Specializing In Difficult Phoenix Missing Persons Cases

Bring us your most difficult Phoenix missing persons cases. Here are more situations where we can assist you:

Runaways.  We have dealt with countless runaway minors over the years.  They do have their challenges since they can move from one place to another without leaving a trail.  However, we have ways to track them down and we know how to get information from close friends who pretend to not know anything

Competence/Mental Illness Issues.  This refers to those that may be mentally ill, senile, or mentally challenged in some way.  Mentally ill persons can be difficult to find. Many times they just wander off without reason.  Due to their condition, they usually have no idea where they are. It’s dangerous because many of them need regular medical attention or care.  In these situations it’s important to get help quickly before they get too far away from medication they may need.


Locating People and Assets For 23 Years!


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