Former Phoenix PD
Turned Private Eye

We makes pursuing the truth in complicated matters look very easy. With over 23 years of private eye experience, we make the seemingly impossible–possible.

Former Phoenix PD
Turned Private Eye

We makes pursuing the truth in complicated matters look very easy. With over 23 years of private eye experience, we make the seemingly impossible–possible. 

If you googled my name “Jeff Penrod” you would find out that we are one of Arizon’s leading private eyes around. It is simply the result of hard work and years of clients who have appreciated my work. My background consists of years in law enforcement and years in the military. Because of that, I understand the business much differently and my approach is more personal. It has been my life’s work taking care of people in the worst of times in some capacity and through this field I get to continue to do just that. Eager to service those searching for answers beyond the surface, I saw a need to create a business that could provide immediate conclusions more fiercely and swift. Helping families and individuals has been the ongoing goal. I was mentored by friends who had retired from the police department and was able to learn additional skills that further made me exactly what the PI industry needed.

Your Local Phoenix Private Eye

When searching for a Phoenix private eye, Quantum Investigations comes out on top thanks to the clients we have had the pleasure of servicing. We are ranked number one in customer satisfaction, delivery, professionalism, and cost efficiency. I would like to think we are a bit of a Phoenix, Arizona gem for certain. Fortunately for us, we have been able to follow through on just about every assignment we have been tasked with. Our ability to uncover truths seemingly hidden is unmatched making us the ultimate necessary resource for those in need of our services. Background checks, criminal defense investigations, missing persons and difficult locates, and of course surveillances are the focal points of our business. Also, we typically work with attorneys on rigorous civil and criminal cases that calls for our team’s assistance. We also investigate the validity of insurance claims, thus allowing us to work with insurance companies. However, we have followed suit on other interesting cases as well.

Hire A Private Eye You Can Trust

The idea of consulting such services can cause hesitation for many simply because some are not sure when to utilize it. To hire a private eye or not to is always what many of our clients debated with.

I understand that our services that we offer isn’t always widely accepted, however, we’ve changed so many lives with what we do that we believe that for some–it’s the only services that will help in many instances. The larger society doesn’t even know we exist, but it’s good to know that we’re there to help when you need us most. That is all the more reason why we encourage people to make their requests known. Do not be afraid to share with us what it is that you need during a consultation. Know that it is first and foremost confidential and secondly free, which is the icing on top. I never have an issue with walking a person through whatever it is that they are willingly sharing simply just to decipher if it is a situation that we can assist with.

Understand that there are a number of reasons one might consider hiring us. For example, there are cases that require serving subpoenas. It is no secret that in many of these situations, the one being served typically does not want to be found. It can become quite the headache needing something like that done and you don’t know where to begin. This is a situation that can be easily dealt with using our services. In addition, people may call us to find a runaway, which can get impeded by law enforcement protocols. Our team can surely make your life easier by doing the hard part for you.

Private Eye Service

We take on various cases with the awareness that the information surrounding them are all sensitive in nature therefore highly protected. The core of our private eye service is to remain discreet in our discoveries and investigations. Our team better services you by remaining low profile, thus protecting the integrity of what it is that we do. We extend the gift of privacy to you and trust that we would get the same in return, which makes it better for everyone involved in the whatever the case is. PIs are one of the professions that does not walk around wearing the label on its sleeve. It is better to avoid being compromised or the investigation becoming sabotaged in any way. Call our team knowing that you have trusted allies, competent professionals, an immediate response to your needs, and ultimately people who care.

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