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Over the past two decades, Jeff Penrod as become a leading Private Investigator in Phoneix AZ. The page will give you a background of how this all started.

Jeff first got a taste of the private investigation industry during his years in the military. After serving in the military and by having a service background, he was able to land a job in law enforcement by working for the Phoenix police department. After working there for 5 years and seeing how the department didn’t have the resources or manpower to help out good families who still had unanswered questions, he decided to become a private investigator to help those families who found themselves in similar desperate situations.

The Path To The Industry

Approximately 23 years ago he decided to join some friends who retired from the police department and took him under their wing. They mentored him on how to magnify the skills he learned in the force and apply them to work on everything from criminal defense cases to asset repos to catching bail jumpers.

 He isn’t afraid to deal with anybody to get the job done. He won’t be intimidated, and he won’t be stopped.

Persistence is what absolutely separates him from the many others who are out there. And after learning from some of the best in the industry, Jeff decided to venture off on his own.

 In early 2000, he started what you now know as Quantum Investigations.

The Industry’s Best 

Today, Jeff is one of the industry’s best private investigator Mesa based on his track record, years in business, prices, reviews online, and more.

He is not a one man show. He often uses his sphere of influence and is able to call on his colleagues to work on difficult cases that require bigger numbers.

Jeff has made a big name for himself in the Phoenix area. His is one of the highest rated private investigators in the state which is why he frequently dominates at the top of the search results against big agencies that have been around for decades.

Mr. Penrod doesn’t like it to be known, but he has 2 special needs children who require medical assistance. They are his heart and joy, and they are the reason that he is so committed and passionate about what does. All of his results and hard work are entirely devoted to them.

Helping Families To Return To Life As Normal For Over 20 Years!


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