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We're Not A Jack-of all-Trades!

Quantum Investigations has been performing investigations for over 18 years.  We learned years ago that if you try to do everything, you wont be very good at something.  That's boring anyway.  If you call s with a service we don't do, we'll refer you to someone that can help.  We don't do cases outside of our speciality.  Call us now at 480-269-7099 and let us help you!


Need To Find Someone Or Something?

Quantum Investigations specializes in tracking down people and assets.  We have been doing this for so long that it's second nature.  If you have someone that needs to be found for a legitimate reason, or some asset that needs to be located, we can help!  We're not "Database Detectives" that will just give you old recycled information, we really track people down.


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Call us now to speak with an investigator about your situation.  We don't try to hard sell you on our services, and we only take on cases that we are able to do.  We don't try to compete on price, you can always find cheaper if that's what you're looking for.  We focus on results, that's all.  Please don''t call us if you're more concerned with price than results.  Call us now at 480-269-7099 if you need help.  If it's something we don't do, we will refer you to someone that does.


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