Do you need someone tracked, followed, and monitored? Or…are you in danger and would like someone to monitor your home or workplace to ensure your safety? Perhaps you are an insurance company and you need us to follow someone who you believe has wrongfully filed a workman’s comp related injury, and you would like us to follow them to validate their claim. We specialize in undercover surveillence.  Call Jeff and our team at Quantum Investigations. We are the absolute best in the state of Arizona.

Exceptional Surveillance Services in Phoenix Arizona (AZ)

When most people think about surveillance, they think of a drama movie with a police officer doing a stakeout on a bad guy’s lair. Movies and shows do not mention that surveillance is one of the best ways to collect necessary information that one could not get otherwise.

Quantum Investigations is one of the best surveillance services in Phoenix Arizona (AZ). We use surveillance for many different situations.

If you suspect that your significant other is not being faithful, then we can use it to find out for certain. We can track and follow your significant other while they are on their lunch break at work, or when they say they’re going out of town for work, or any time that you suspect foul play. Many husbands and wives have been relying on us for two decades.

We also use surveillance to locate assets. We can locate cars, trucks, boats, and other large assets you are currently searching for. 

Surveillance and also be used for child custody cases. We have been called in to monitor a person’s ex during visitation with their children.

Data Collection Arizona Surveillance Investigations

Our superior Arizona surveillance investigations techniques allows us to capture images like this which is often used in court.

Insurance companies recruit our services to valid workman’s comp related injury cases. We help insurance companies to determine if individuals are, in fact, injured and paralyzed from a job accident, or if they are going throughout their day with zero signs of injury.

We’ve learned that most people do not sway from their everyday routine, so if a person is playing basketball, doing flips off of a diving board, helping a friend move, or like in this case…constructing a patio addition to the house, then we will find out.

If you need someone out in the field collecting data for you, then we are just a phone call away.

Licensed PI AZ Surveillance

Quantum Investigations is a licensed PI AZ agency and our team works around the clock to uncover the details you are after.

We can set up a post outside of your target individual’s home or place of work. Once there, we blend in within the surrounding community.

We will then sit and monitor their activity to and from this location. If needed, we will follow this person to all of their stops or location, and all the while we can photograph or video them at each location, what items they purchase or carry with them, and their actions while they remain there.

Afterwards, we will report back our findings. We will share with you our entire report, photos, and videos so that you can see the proof for yourself.

If there is any wrong doing taking place, then we are the ones to find that out for you. For this service, criminal defense investiation, or any other service that we offer, you should give us a call right away. We can address all of your questions, so that you can determine if our services can help you. Pick up and dial us now at (480) 269-7099. We look forward to helping you.

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