There’s one thing that Quantum Investigations does extremely well and that is surveillance. Once you bring us on board we set out to find and track the person that you hired us to locate. We sometimes put our lives at risk by following and observing them from a safe distance so that we are not discovered. We bring changes of clothes so that we can blend into multiple environments. We’ll monitor, gather, and record information to bring back to you. We’re the absolute best in the state of Arizona.

We Use Video Surveillance & Military Stealth

Firstly, there are a whole range of reasons why you or anyone else might possibly want to hire a private investigator to perform surveillance on an individual. Here are probably the top 3 reasons why we get hired on to perform this “out of the ordinary” task.

REASON #1: For one, we often get hired on by insurance company to follow, to observe, and to record activities performed by a person who claims to have been injured on the job and unable to work. Our findings have been used as evidence in court to work in favor of insurance companies that we represent.

REASON #2: Next, we are usually hired on by either a husband or a spouse who suspects their spouse is cheating on them. When we come on board we track the spouse in question at all hours of the day or night.

We follow the suspect and capture photographic and video evidence of any romantic affection exchanged between both parties. If you have any doubts or suspicions, then we’re the only ones who can give you the solid reassurance good or bad.

REASON #3: The last of the top reasons why someone would want to use our skill set for this purpose is usually because of a recent divorce. One spouse may have suspicions on how the other spouse is treating or caring for their kids while in their care. Sometimes there are feuds between both parties and one feels like their life may be at risk and would like us posted silently within view of their home at night. If a recent separation results in you needing our help, then give us a call. We’re here for you!

We use advanced techniques to remain hidden and out of site at all time. It doesn’t matter if we’re stationary in a set location in the car, or mingling at a private banquet at a hotel. I obey all laws to stay without in our boundaries while getting close enough to capture the definitive proof that you need.

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