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For 23 years, Quantum Investigations has proven to be the best private investigator AZ has to offer. Our relentless pursuit is typically what sets up above other investigative organizations. We beat the streets (and the heat) to do the foot work, door knocking, and interviewing required to get the facts that we’re hired to obtain. Put your faith in us and we’ll do everything in our power to get the results you’re after.

Statewide Private Investigation AZ Reach

Our private investigation AZ agency can reach throughout Arizona, let alone the Phoenix area. With roughly 2 million people located in the state’s most populated metro area, we’re not shy to go where we are needed the most.

Our team is made up entirely of former Phoenix Police Department and we work amazingly together with them because we’re still considered one of their own. This gives us an edge when trying to get intelligence throughout the state, or if we need to blast a statewide net to search for a person or vehicle.

Bringing us on to assist with our case may significantly increase your odds of obtaining a favorable outcome. As former Phoenix PD, we know all the protocoled steps they’ll be taking in an investigation. We’re familiar with the process, we know how they think, and we know what they’ll be looking for.


We can easily recognize when steps of that process have been skipped over or omitted all together. We can potentially help to ensure that your client isis being treat fairly and properly.


23+ Yrs Private Investigator Arizona Experience

Tools For Arizona Private Invesitagors

One of the most effective tools we Arizona private investigators use for gathering information is surveillance.  It’s mundane. It hot most of the year, and sometimes it’s cold. The hours sporadic, and it can very significantly. However, there truly is no substitution for surveillance.

People are creatures of habit. We do things routinely and we rarely doing anything outside of our norm. We take the same route, we make the same stops, and we arrive at our location almost at the exact same time everyday. Knowing his allows us to spot discrepancies, pattern changes. Often, we can learn a lot by simply watching. We can easily spot anything that is being done wrong. Then we take photos and videos in order to report back to you. 

We use a number of high tech tools to get what we need and to accomplish our mission. We use:

  • Audio listening devices to capture conversations over long distances and in closed rooms
  • Tracking devices so that we can map and locate your target subject
  • Ariel drones with cameras to give us access into areas that would otherwise be closed off
  • Motion detecting cameras which can record areas when there is movement or activity

We’re resourceful and we’ll use any tool that gives us an advantage and helps us to capture the information we need.

Our team is capable of large operations throughout the state of Arizona, and in multiple cities.

When you work with Quantum Investigations, then you get access to one of the largest private investigation networks in the country. We coordinate with detective firms throughout the United States to give us access to support across state lines. We’ve developed a vast network of reliable agencies that we have already worked with successfully in the past. These agencies have actually reached out to us from out of state as their contact here to help them on a case.

Many in our network are also former PD and former Military, so we can expect similarly high expectations and quality results. 

In most cases…time is of the essence! Reach out to us immediately. We’re here to help, and we want to hear from you very soon! Pick up the phone and call us right away!

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