Quantum Investigations is the absolute best private investigator for locating hard to find missing persons, skips, child abductions, runaways, or asset locations. We have a network of resources throughout Arizona that can deploy on a moment’s notice. We can help you locate other anywhere in the United States or Internationally.

Missing Persons, Skips, and Abductions

Long lost friend/family member.  Many times this is just a case of losing track of someone over the years. The person you’re looking for is most likely not hiding, you just haven’t seen them in a long time.  Many times they’re not too hard to find if they have no reason to hide.  Granted they could still be “living off the grid” as we refer to someone that just wants to stay under the radar, but many times we can find them.

Skips.  These are people that are hiding for a reason.  They have an asset they financed that they’re not paying for.  Or maybe they skipped bail and are on the run.  Or committed a crime and are evading law enforcement.  Whatever the reason, these people do not want to be found.  Quantum Investigations excels in this category.  We have tracked people down all over the country.  It’s not easy, and it takes a while sometimes, but we relish the chase and aren’t afraid to get our boots on the ground.  You can only do so much behind a computer screen to find someone.

Abductions.  Luckily, most abductions are of the parental abduction type.  The child may have been taken by a vengeful ex and they flee.  It makes me sick that adults use innocent children for their own selfish cause, but it happens all the time.  Law enforcement unfortunately does not usually get involved in these types of cases, at least in the beginning.  We enjoy finding these people that have no regard for the innocent.  Then there are the true abductions that unfortunately do not always have happy endings, whether it’s a child or adult.  These are the cases where local and federal law enforcement usually get involved right away.

Runaways, Mentally Ill, and Asset Location

Runaways.  We have dealt with runaway minors over the years.  They do have their challenges since they can stay from one place to another without leaving a paper trail.  There are ways to track them down also, but it can be tricky.

Competence/Mental Illness Issues.  This refers to those that may be mentally ill, senile, or mentally challenged in some way.  People affected this way can tough to find.  Many times they just wander off without reason.  Due to their condition they usually have no idea where they are.  It’s dangerous because they are in unfamiliar territory and they may need regular medical attention regularly.  In these situations it’s important to get help quickly before they can get too far away without medication they may need.

Tracking someone, or something, down includes a lot of other investigative activities.  We routinely perform surveillance, background checks, due diligence, etc. in order to find someone.  That’s what it takes when you are seriously looking for someone, it’s not an easy thing.

Whatever the reason may be, missing persons can usually, but not always, be found.  Many times it’s not easy or quick, but we’ve been doing it a long time and we can help.  

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