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Concerned that your husband/wife might be taking an interest in someone other than you? Wondering if you husband/wife is having an affair? Are you seeing all of the warning signs of infidelity and you simply need to know for certain? There’s only one way to get the closure that you need to return to life as normal. Quantum Investigations has been catching cheaters for 23 years.

Wondering How To Catch A Cheater? Answer: Hire Us!

When you hire us to find out the truth, then you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. We’ve provided photographic and video evidence that has been used in divorce court proceedings to favor one side…yours!

There’s nothing more compelling than explaining to the judge the heartache and stress that you endured while in your relationship. And once the judge sees undeniable evidence, then you can count on receiving preferential treatment as a victim.

We use surveillance to track your mate at work, on lunch breaks, after work, in the evening, or late into the night…especially when you’re out of town. No matter the hour, and no matter the circumstances…we’ll go through great lengths to give you the closure that you seek.

We use highly advanced military grade technology to capture your spouse in the very act of infidelity, like:

  • Hidden motion cameras that activate in specific rooms of the house as soon as there is motion detected
  • Tracking devices to follow your spouse’s exact location
  • Long range listening devices to hear conversations that would seem private to the subject in question
  • Night sensitive video and photo cameras to capture the highest resolutions with little or no light

Okay…you’re right. Some of this might be a little excessive. However, we’re serious about getting results and we’re even more serious about capturing the evidence that you need to know for yourself with absolute certainty.


Warning Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Usually, in the early stages it can start with simple signs like an unexpected change in your spouse’s routine. They start staying at work a little bit later…or they keep getting called into work on days off or on the weekend. Usually, it appears as legitimate, but the explanations and details start to sound a little sketchy.

One big give away in the beginning is unexplained changes in communication. Your spouse may all of a sudden have their cell phones not on, or they will more frequently say their cell phone batter died, and/or you cannot reach them at work.

Some bigger tale tale signs include a change of appearance. They’re dressing up more to go to work, or to go out with their friends.

Or they may have a change in sexual interest as they may potentially be receiving satisfaction from elsewhere.

And the list goes on…like:

  • Changing is financial expenditures, or the need to hide recent financial expenses
  • An abandonment from religious faiths
  • Decreased interest in you, and/or increased criticism towards you
  • Random accusations against you of cheating
  • Horrible explanations of very basic questions

We’ve been in the middle of far too many unfortunate marriages…and perhaps one of the most embarrassing signs of infidelity is that you become exposed to a life altering STD. This can range from anything from syphilis and crabs to being HIV positive.

Wouldn’t you want to know sooner rather than later? Let us save you from the dangers of living in a lie before it’s too late.

A friend who was once the #9 top sales person for T-Mobile shared with me that husbands and wives would come in and be very open about getting advice on how to conceal a new line from their spouse. He also mentioned that the ratio was 50/50. There was essentially an equal number of both men and women asking for this request, and he also noted it was often the ones you would least likely suspect.

There’s only one way to know for certain. Give us a call. We’ll find that out for you.

We’ve Been Catching Cheaters For 20+ Years!







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