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While the average private eye company accepts any cases that they can get their hands on, we at Quantum Investigations focus entirely on services that will capitalize on our strengths. Although we may consider looking at all Phoenix investigations cases, we tend to stay within our skillset that we’ve been training in by the PD and by the military. These are the areas where we’ve been extremely successful.

We are specialist at locating, surveillance, interviewing and more. The services that we have listed throughout our site include a combination of these traits and more. Our existing services include missing persons, due diligence, criminal defense, surveillance, and infidelity or cheating spouse.

We will take on general investigations task, but we may turn down requests unless they align with the strengths and services listed above.

Your Trusted Phoenix Investigations PI (Reporting For Duty)

Discreet Private Investigation Agency

We are a discreet private investigation agency who specializes in a variety of general investigations services…such as:

  • Finding hard to find missing persons
  • Helping to perform due diligence investigation to verify the facts
  • Assist in criminal defense cases as an additional investigative authority
  • Surveillance services…both stationary and mobile
  • And more…

Although we advertise those services specifically…truth be told…we are here to assist with matters most dare not engage in. We’re familiar with the law and the rules and we take advantage of every opportunity to complete the job that you need us to do.


Helping You To Return To A Normal Life

We take on special requests outside of our advertised services that might be a bit out of the ordinary. We often accept cases that our competitors see as a lost cause.

We’re often the last resort for most businesses, lawyers, and clients because most others offer little hope for success. Our track record is one of the business in the industry, and we stand by our results.

We wont waste your time or beat around the bush. If your assignment looks near hopeless, then we aren’t like other agencies who jump at every chance to take advantage of you. We’ll give you our honest and professional opinion upfront.

Jeff and his team at Quantum Investigations was to help you to find the answers that you are looking for, but nothing happens unless you reach out to us first. Call us now at (480) 269-7099.


Helping Families To Return To Life As Normal For Over 20 Years!


(480) 269-7099


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