Due Diligence Investigations

If you’re looking for the absolute best at due diligence investigations here in the Phoenix area, then Quantum Investigations has got you covered. Due diligence is when we do an in-depth analysis of either a person or persons, or a business entity, to establish their credibility during a legal transaction. 

We gather facts to help you make an informed and educated decision to move forward with the transaction or to cancel it based on significant findings. Our services are often a small investment that can save you or your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you have concerns and need to be absolutely certain, then give us a call. We are here to help.

Why Due Diligence Investigations Are Important?

Due diligence investigations are important because it can help you to confirm information that you are relying upon.

Are you thinking of buying, investing in, or merging with a business where the management team will remain in place? If so, we can do a deep dive analysis of the company’s management team and determine if they have a history that would raise any red flags…like trouble with the law, miss management of funds, or even fishing without a license.

Also, we can help to confirm or validate finances, and their work and performance  history.

We use tactics similar to criminal cases where we research and interview all parties involved, former associates, former investors, or anyone with key information.

If the business is stating that 50% of their sales are coming from 4 or 5 other business…then we’ll find out if those businesses legitimately exist, and their relationship with the business you’re looking to acquire.

If those company owners are related or have a close relationship, or if they have no personal relationship to the company in question…then we can almost certainly find this out.

We will assist you with all the proper research necessary for you to make an educated purcahse.

Investment Due Diligence & Risk Analysis in Phoenix

If you need a Phoenix due diligence investigation, then choose us. We want to ensure your merger and/or acquisition goes off without a hitch. We become a valuable resource during the short due diligence period to do all the research we need before your transaction is finalized. Allow us to ensure that you’re investment is a good one.

We are often able to uncover hidden liabilities. Sometime during a merger, a company purchase, or an acquisition, you are not given all of the details. We specialize in uncovering debt and other details that hasn’t been reported. We also investigate ownership of assets, including automobiles, real estate, and machinery. Our goal is to give you the whole picture.

Here are some specific information that we’re looking for:

  • Company overview, to determine the history of the company, including progression, and ownership
  • Employees, their relationships, personalities or background, or union involvement
  • Financial Costs and/or Revenue to validate the numbers are being correctly reported to you
  • Intellectual property, like patent ownership, copyright, and asset confirmation
  • And much more

Without the full picture, you can be purchasing a liability instead of an asset. We are in the business of protecting you. We are experts at obtaining and providing you all of the facts, evidence, and information that you need to move forward. We look forward to being by your side every step of the way.

Let us know what concerns you have? Tell of about the key information you are looking for? So if you need due diligence services, general investigations, or more, then we’re here for you.Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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