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Quantum Investigations plays a extremely important role in criminal defense investigations in Arizona. As form Phoenix PD, we understand what steps are taken in a police investigation and we quickly recognize when those steps are skip or omitted purposely. We work with with local law enforcement to get the facts, information, testimonies, and other vital data much easier than the average PI firm because we’re still considered “one of their own”. To the police department…you or or client will be looked at as just another case…but we consider you as the ONLY case that matters. 

The #1 Reason To Hire A Private Criminal Defense Investigator

The #1 reason to hire a private criminal defense investigator is we’re invaluable to criminal defense attorneys. As former PD, we’re like hiring your own police department to work for you. We’re aware of the law. And although each case is totally unique, we’ve been a part of a wide variety of criminal cases. We apply our knowledge of being out in the field and provide incite from similar cases we’ve worked on active duty. We can provided an added layer of assurance to your toughest criminal defense cases. 

Our job is to review, read, and compare materials and information received from the prosecution. We intensely scour police reports looking for details, inconsistencies, weaknesses or failures in following standard protocols. We also meticulously inspect and review evidence from the scene.  We add a trained eye as we carefully review photographs taken, and we listen to phone messages, review text messages, and review GPS coordinates in and effort to uncover details that may have gone unseen.


Also, we review witness statements, and we interview witnesses to (1) verify stories, (2) see if their stories or accounts have changed, and (3) ask additional questions that would be helpful with the investigation. In rare occasions, we can also uncover witnesses that haven’t yet come forward.

We have the ability to perform background checks on witnesses, and can attempt to uncover common connections to the witnesses and the parties involved.

As a private investigator, we are granted access to revisit the crime scene. This gives us opportunity to discover new facts and new details that might have gone unnoticed. We can even recreate crime scenes to help play out and support theories.

When you hiring Quantum Investigations to help with your criminal defense case, then you will not be disappointed in the value and importance that we bring to the table.

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