Criminal Defense

Real P.I. Work

Before  the whole world seemed to have gone online,  P.I.'s would go out and dig through records at the courthouse or county building, and actually go out and talk to people.  While this seems to have become a dying art, it's just as important today as it was 25 years ago.  The best information you can ever dig up will come from other people.  Yes, we use online databases that we have access to in order to save time, but it still hasn't taken the place of talking to people and digging up hard copies of records.  In fact, there are still places in this country where you have to mail payment and wait to have records mailed back to you.

We only want to try to help if we can be useful for your particular case.  We can locate and interview possible witnesses, check for cameras that may have recorded important information, check alleged crime scenes for things that may have been missed, etc.  Let us know if you are needing something specific on a case, and we will let you know if it's something we can help with.  We won't waste your time or money if we cannot help.  Just call us at 480-269-7099.