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Jeff was born and raised in the Phoenix metro area, and he’s been a dominate figure in the state of Arizona. For as long as he can remember, he always interested in being a private investigator, although he didn’t know much about being one.

Jeff joined the Navy in his early years and served as a hospital corpsman (medic) for 8 years in the reserves and then went active during Operation Desert Storm.  Not long after joining the Navy, he decided to become a Phoenix Police Officer. He was on the police force for about 5 years when he decided that he could be playing a larger role in helping families that were in desperate need. 

After leaving the police force he got his Private Investigation license and started working under a mentor for a state required 6,000 hours.  Under his mentor, Thomas Watson of Maverick Investigation, exposed him to multiple cases under multiple guidelines…with some of the most unique circumstances. The work was more dangerous and brutal than he had anticipated, although it wasn’t much different than being in law enforcement. He had to learn how to work through all hours of the day and night to be highly effective. After 20 years, he has been exposed to just about every situation imaginable. Through years of trial and error and going through the school of hard knocks, Jeff learned that investigative field really well.

One of the aspects of PI work that Jeff excelled at was locating people, especially those that did not want to be found. His years in the force training him to know what clues to look for, who to interview, what questions to ask, habit patterns, relationships, and and a few dozen other details to narrow down his search and ultimately locate his guy. 

Jeff is excellent in every aspect of investigation, but if there were one task he would prefer to do all day every day…it would be to find missing persons and difficult locates.

The most important thing for Jeff in this profession is that he always willing to learn new and better things.  Learning new skills can be gained by associating with good and competent people, even if they have much less experience than he does.  Everyone has hidden talents.

He never stops learning the profession.

Besides his career helping people, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, preferably in the outdoors.

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